Peer-Reviewers Process

RISTEK : Jurnal Riset, Inovasi dan Teknologi Kabupaten Batang implements the following review process policy :

  1. Authors are advised to ensure freedom from other copyright violations before submitting.
  2. Manuscripts submitted by authors will undergo a review process by the editor, primarily checking for compliance with the scope and journal template. During this process, the editor will communicate with the author, ensuring that the manuscript is suitable for sending to reviewers or may be returned/declined.
  3. Manuscripts that have passed the above steps are then sent to 2 reviewers for content evaluation using the Double-Blind Peer-Review Process.
  4. The review process will consider novelty, objectivity, methods, scientific impact, conclusions, and references.
  5. Reviewers may suggest improvements and/or recommend acceptance/rejection of the manuscript.
  6. The editor will decide, taking into consideration the reviewer's suggestions, whether the manuscript meets the requirements of RISTEK: Jurnal Riset, Inovasi dan Teknologi Kabbupaten Batang.
  7. The decision of the editor in chief is final.
  8. The entire review process is conducted fully based on the OJS web platform.